At home pedicure preparation?

Mavala Concentrated Foot Bath is your solution!

  • An ideal pedicure preparation, this Mavala Concentrated Foot Bath deodorises and tones,  while its softening action enables easy removal of dried, calloused skin – for feet you can really be proud of!
  • With antiseptic pine oil and anti-bacterial eucalyptus oil, this Mavala Concentrated Foot Bath is both deodorising and caring – working to leave you with sandal-ready feet all year round.
  • 75ml

Dry Feet?

Mavala Conditioning Moisturizer For Feet is the solution!

  • Perfect for dry, chapped feet, this Mavala Conditioning Moisturizer For Feet softens rough skin and prevents chapping.
  • A daily care product for dry feet, this moisturizer restores smoothness and suppleness to feet in a flash!
  • This Mavala Conditioning Moisturizer For Feet contains allantoin and marine collagen to prevent chapping and dry skin. It restores elasticity and smoothness to leave skin well protected against the daily grind!
  • 75ml

Got sweaty feet causing odor?

Mavala Talcum Powder for feet is the solution!

  • Absorb moisture while combating foot odour with this Mavala Talcum Powder For Feet.
  • Lighted scented, this freshening formula leaves skin soft and supple while prolonged action provides day-long freshness.
  • Fight foot odour while protecting your feet with anti-bacterial properties with this Mavala Talcum Powder For Feet.
  • Specially formulated molecule ‘DEO-ACTIVE’ has been exclusively developed to attack the micro organisms responsible for odour, so rest assured that your feet will smell gorgeous all day long with this targeted talcum powder for feet.
  • 50g
  • Everyone needs Fresh POW POW!

Mavala Deodorizing Foot Gel!

  • Providing long lasting freshness while preventing foot odour,  Mavala Deodorizing Foot Gel boasts long-lasting action to provide a sense of freshness all day while preventing unpleasant foot odours from forming.
  • This scented Mavala Deodorizing Foot Gel contains a ‘DEO-ACTIVE’ agent that prevents unpleasant odours from forming.
  • Keep your feet feeling and smelling beautifully fresh with this must-have from Mavala.
  • 75ml

Mavala Hydro-Repairing Foot Cream is your solution!

Feel like your feet let you down? Well fear not, Mavala Hydro-Repairing Foot Cream will leave your feet feeling silky – you won’t want to put your shoes on!

  • This intensive care treatment will regain suppleness, smoothness and well-being in your tootsies!
  • Say bye bye to cracked, chapped, damaged and dry feet thanks to Mavala Hydro-Repairing Foot Cream, this rich formula immediately soothes and moisturises your skin whilst efficiently fighting against any abnormal thickness of the corneous layer of the feet.
  • Rich in vitamins, this menthol fragrance cream is specially formulated using 5% urea and contains no parabens. Say hello to baby soft feet!
  • 50ml

Got tired Feet? Worked all day? 

Mavala Refreshing Foot Gel 

  • Containing menthol and camphor, two ingredients known for their refreshing and stimulating properties, this Mavala Refreshing Foot Gel soothes hot, swollen sweet while restoring vitality and energy to tired feet!
  • Instantly refreshing, this Mavala Refreshing Foot Gel is perfect for foot massage! Treat your toots to a burst of cooling energy and ensure your feet are happy feet with this anti-inflammatory, instantly refreshing gel.
  • 75ml

On your heels all day?  Legs tired and exhausted?

Mavala Revitalizing Emulsion for legs is the solution!

  • Specially formulated to relax tired legs, this Mavala Revitalising Emulsion For Tired Legs is an ideal restorative for your well being.
  • Legs will immediately feel light and fresh while aches are instantly cared for and tiredness relieved.
  • Perfect post-workout, this Mavala Revitalising Emulsion For Tired Legs is a great way to pamper yourself after a long session at the gym! Witch hazel works as an anti-inflammatory while ivy is a fantastic decongestant – working to leave your pins perfectly preened and beautifully relaxed.
  • 75ml

Mavala Smoothing Scrub Cream for your feet!

  • Eliminate calluses and smooth feet with this Mavala Smoothing Scrub Cream.
  • Containing microparticles of 100% natural seaweed which act as a light abrasive, this caring cream will leave your feet soft and supple.
  • Get enviable toots with this Mavala Smoothing Scrub Cream.
  • Leaving your feet soft and supple, this softening solution is the perfect excuse for a foot massage.
  • 75ml

Need to get away?

Mavala Soothing Bath Salts from the Dead Sea is your solution!

  • Containing salts derived from the Dead Sea, these Mavala Soothing Foot Bath Salts are both calming and relaxing – a real booster for tired toots! Soothe your hot, swollen, tired feet with this wonderfully pampering treat.
  • Create a soothing and revitalizing bath for tired toots with these Mavala Soothing Foot Bath Salts.
  • Dead Sea salts provide a natural healing effect while bilberry extract relaxes and soothes for gorgeously relaxed, supple feet.
  • 300g