The Active Hand Gel gives an effective non-greasy protection. A refreshing and moisturizing treatment which guards hands from outside aggressions and gives maximum comfort. It contains silk amino acids, aloe vera, hamamelis and a solar filter which make it a complete and modern product. Active Hand Gel is also ideal for well-groomed men.

How To Use:

Massage lightly into hands for two minutes to allow product to penetrate.

Pigmentary blemishes represent one of the major natural phenomena of ageing skin. Hormonal changes, too frequent exposure to the sun or without protection are the origin of increased disturbance of the skin’s natural pigmentation. So, with the passing of time, pigmentary blemishes, more commonly called brown spots, appear on the skin.

ANTI-SPOT CREAM FOR HANDS tones down the appearance of age spots due to age and photoageing. Its complex of 7 certified organic Swiss Alpine plants (mallow, mint, alchemilla, primrose, veronica, melissa, achillea) help reduce the appearance of age spots and helps prevent the appearance of new ones. The combination of an ultra-performing derivative of highly concentrated Vitamin C reinforces this action and provides its antioxidant and protecting benefits, restoring youth and suppleness to skin. After a few weeks, spots will appear visibly diminished.. Hands will be smoother and moisturized. Light and non greasy, this cream easily leaves a protecting film on the skin.

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#1 Best Seller  Mavala Hand Cream

  • Mavala Hand Cream is specially formulated for dry, damaged hands and sensitive skin.
  • Its composition blends marine collagen, very moisturising, and allantoin well-known for its healing properties, to soften dry skin and prevent redness and roughness.
  • A perfectly homogenised product that penetrates and hydrates skin, leaving a non-sticky film which protects hands from pollution and harsh treatment.
  • 50ml

STOP The Spread of GERMS!!!!

Mava Clear is your solution!

Mava-clear purifying gel fights germs and bad odors on hands and surfaces. With an alcohol content of 64% v/v it helps stop the development of germs and micro-organisms. It is ideal for travel and leisure when soap and water are not available. Containing Essential Lemon oil, it also combats dryness and tones the hands, leaving them luminous and soft. The Lemon Oil provides a pleasant scent without the need for perfume.

How to use:

  • Squeeze a small amount of gel onto your palms and quickly rub hands together until dry.
  • Do not rinse off.
  • To clean surfaces, use with a paper tissue.
  • 50ml

Mava+ Hand Cream…  An extreme hand cream that is second to none.  #1 Best Seller

  • External factors such as the sun, cold, wind, use of solvents and detergents all have damaging effects on the hands which can result in hands becoming very dry and stressed.
  • 50ml
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Mavala Purifying Mask For Hands 75ml Indications: treatment of youth for hands without brightness, rough and damaged. It allows your hands to maintain suppleness and agility and slows the effects of aging cell. How to use: once a week. Apply with light massages then wear plastic gloves. Allow to penetrate the active substances for about ten minutes, then gently take off the gloves and risciacquatevi hands with warm water. Characteristics: rich in active ingredients, it contains allantoin, known for its healing properties, plant extracts such as mallow, cucumber, lemon balm which remove impurities, refresh and tone and aloe vera that soothes and softens the skin.

The concentration of natural substances, hyaluronic acid and silk amino acids in our Repairing Night Cream for Hands has a revitalizing effect for moisture retention. The specially designed cotton gloves are used to enclose hands after application to help this rich cream penetrate effectively while you sleep.

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Active hands must stay supple and soft. They need protection which soothes and moisturizes. Revitalizing Hand Milk contains active ingredients – aloe vera, hamamelis, allantoin and silk amino-acids – which possess revitalizing and moisturizing actions. It also contains sun filters which reinforce the skin’s protection against drying ultraviolet rays. This high performance formula is made for frequent use and completes the effects of Mavala Repairing Night Cream For Hands.

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This waterproof all in one kit contains all the beauty essentials for your nails, hands and toes.

Kit includes the following:

Hand Cream: Enriched with collagen and allantonin

Nailactan Cream: Adds moisture to brittle nails, stimulates growth, treats cuticles and helps stop nails from breaking.

Scientifique: World famous nail hardener hardens nails in seconds and end peeling and breaking.

002 Base Coat: Holds color on twice as long, ends yellowing and protects nails.

Colorifx Top Coat: Hard, yet with an elastic glaze, brilliant shine and protects from chipping.

Cuticle Remover: Softens cuticles, helps remove overgrown cuticles and ends hang nails.

Manicure implements: Necessary tools for manicures and pedicures.

Pedi Pad:  Toe separators to help you at pedicure time