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#1 Best Seller  Mavala Lip Balm

Lips are deprived of sebaceous glands. They are therefore more vulnerable and cannot protect themselves against dehydration and aggressive factors such as pollution, cold, and sun. This weakening results in losing firmness, developing lines and wrinkles, the lip contour becoming undefined and sore and lipstick smudging.

Mavala Tinted Lip Balm nourishes, moisturizes and protects lips, while tinting them with one of the 4 available shades, light and flattering, which leave a delicious fragrance on the lips – Vanilla, Peach, Candy, and Berry. The ultra-fine and non-sticky texture is a major advantage of this lip care, which restores comfort and elasticity. Its formula is based on a botanical complex with Patterson’s curse oil, and heart seed and sunflower extracts, as well as a sun protection factor (SPF 15), for a shield and soothing effect. Shea butter and aloe vera nourish and moisturize lips. Apricot extract, rich in provitamin A and vitamin E, protects them.

Mavala Lip Base is your solution!

Lips, unlike face and body skin, have no sebaceous glands to maintain the functioning of the skins natural barrier. They therefore become exposed to dryness, chaps and cracks more quickly and must be better protected.

Lip Base is a light and penetrating cream, specially gentle, emollient and protecting. It contains shea butter, Bisabolol (camomile derived) and mallow extract. Its fixing agents help lipstick last longer, accentuate luminosity and brightness while enhancing colour. Lipstick will not smudge and your lips will stay supple.

Care solution:

Apply Lip Base using your fingertips over cleansed lips. Wait a few seconds, then apply your regular lipstick.

#1 Best Seller Mavala Lip Gloss

Lips need special attention as they are more vunerable to climatic conditions: bad weather, wind, cold, sun and pollution.

Mavalia Lip Gloss is an ultra-shiny and non-sticky product. Its formula contains tiny shimmering particles of mother-of-pearl as well as grape seed oil. This oil contains polyphenols (vitamin E enriched molecules) which help to reinforce the natural protection of the lips, effectively fighting free radicals which are responsible for 80% of skins premature ageing. Lip Gloss provides soothing, regenerating and nourishing care to lips.

How to use:

Apply Mavalia Lip Gloss by using foam applicator, as often as you wish.

Mavalia Lip Liner Pencils precisely outline lips and allow an impeccable application of lipstick, also preventing lipstick from smudging. Lips will be enhanced. The Pencils smooth and fine texture, as well as their velvety touch, allow an easy and comfortable application.

Their components have been selected to notably facilitate gliding (candelilla wax) and to avoid lips drying out (shea butter, jojoba oil). These pencils come in different shades for a perfect and subtle harmony with the various colours of the Mavalia Lipstick range.

Mavala Lipstick glides on easily while leaving a fine and uniform layer. Hour after hour, its satiny gloss remains outstanding, it stays on perfectly and its colour expresses itself with an incomparable fidelity. It provides an irresistible comfort to lips which stay soft and silky. The Mavalia Sheer Lipstick contains a new generation of tiny glitters which reflect the light so well that it provides a magnificent, delicate and shining effect.

“Ascona” MavaLip Lipstick – Because your lips only deserve the best!

The MAVALIP LIPSTICKS improve suppleness and help moisturize the lips. Mavalip lipsticks have an easy and uniform application, and it does not run.