Mavala Stop Nail Biting has been helping people all over the world Stop Biting nails and Thumb sucking. The original first to market formula. Nail biting is a nervous habit, which can rapidly become uncontrollable.

  • Mavala Stop has a bitter yet harmless taste and the appearance of clear enamel.
  • It helps to break the nail biting habit and thumb sucking.
  • Works for children (more than 3 years old) and adults.

MAVA-STRONG Fortifying Base allows splitting, soft, thus breaking nails to regain their normal, healthy and strong aspect. It combines two actions working in synergy: fortifying and protecting.

It is a colorless and shiny nail polish that incorporates, in a unique way, active ingredients combining technicality and efficiency to quickly improve nails’ quality, reinforce their structure and make them more resistant and thicker.

Key Ingredients:

A complex of micro encapsulated active ingredients: tea tree essential oil, vitamin E, hydrolysed keratin and arginine (amino acid). Re- structures and improves quality of nail surface, by reducing micro-flaking and harming dehydration.

Crystal resin tears produced by the pistachio mastic tree (native from the island of Chios, in Greece). The gum extract rein- forces keratinisation, the anucleate epidermal cells that form the nail plate, which will be richer in keratin, thus harder and thicker.

Nail Care


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Mavaderma is a protein and essential vitamin enriched nutritive oil that penetrates the pores to feed the nail matrix, in order to accelerate blood circulation and stimulate nail growth.

Helps Nails Grow

Nail Care


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Mavala specializes in providing award winning treatments and top quality nail polish with over 150 shades to choose from; you’re not short for choice. Free from selected harmful ingredients and with their cheap prices, Mavala is a clear favorite.

Mavadry dries nail polish in a few seconds, prevents flaking, enhances nail colour and gives a brilliant sheen.
Everything you need from this manicure time-saver!

Got Correcteur?

Mavala Correcteur Pen is the solution!

  • At home manicures are often tricky to do and mistakes can easily be made – unsightly traces of polish can be left around the cuticles.
  • Correcteur is as easy to use as a felt-tipped pen.
  • One stroke of its acetone-free solvent saturated tip instantly and effectively removes nail polish from cuticles
  • 4.5ml

Got dry cracking damaged cuticles?

Mavala Cuticle Cream is your solution!

  • Damaged cuticles give a neglected appearance to nails.
  • Mavalas Cuticle Cream softens the skin around the nail enabling it to be rolled gently back.
  • Provides a well-groomed contour to the nails.
  • 15ml

Dry cracking dehydrated cuticles?

Mavala Cuticle oil is the solution!

  • Damaged cuticles give a neglected appearance to nails.
  • Mavalas Cuticle Oil maintains the suppleness of the cuticles and softens the skin around the nail enabling it to be rolled gently back.
  • Provides a well-groomed contour to the nails.
  • 10ml
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#1 Best Seller

Don’t allow someone to clip your cuticles!

Mavala  Cuticle Remover, Gently remove dead cells from the cuticle.

  • Damaged cuticles give a neglected appearance to nails.
  • Mavalas Cuticle Remover softens and helps remove overgrown cuticles in one application.
  • Apply directly on cuticles with the brush.
  • In a few seconds overgrown cuticles are softened and can be “erased” with a manicure stick wrapped in cotton.
  • 10ml

Mavala Lightening Scrub Mask is your solution!

  • The unique Mavala Lightening Nail Scrub Mask gently exfoliates all impurities from your nails and its contour, leaving you with gorgeously clean nails that are ready for action.
  • Mavala has created this nail treatment to smooth the nail, soften cuticles and eliminate dead skin cells.
  • The Mavala Lightening Nail Scrub Mask subtly lightens nails and preserves their flexibility and strength.
  • Perfect for those who want a beautiful base for experimenting with different nail colours and treatments.
  • 15ml

Original first to market product…  Bonds all three layers of the nail together. Used by post cancer patients among others.  WORKS!

Mava Flex Serum is your solution!

  • Mava-Flex is a well-balanced concentrate which restores and maintains flexibility of very dry, very hard nails.
  • Penetrating, moisturising and fortifying care for nails.
  • Result: healthy, flexible, shiny and soft nails that do not break.
  • 10ml

“Mava White”.

Providing an Optical illusion as a whitener for discolored nails.

  • Various external factors (colour pigments, nicotine etc.) can stain, yellow or make your nails look dull and unsightly.
  • The innovative formulation of Mava-white hides the unsightly appearance of stained, dull nails, while giving them a natural and healthy look.
  • Mava-white is an optical colour perfector for the nails thanks to specific pigments that react to UV light.
  • Thanks to the matt finish when used on its own, Mava-white may also be used by men whose nails have become stained or yellowed, perhaps due to nicotine, and who are concerned about the apearance of their nails.
  • 10ml

On the go?  MavaPen Cuticle oil applicator is your solution for healthy hydrated cuticles!

  • Don’t let unsightly cuticles spoil the appearance of your nails – use this handy Mavala Mavapen Cuticle Oil, a nutritive oil for cuticles that helps curve a neat and perfect nail contour.
  • With one application, Mavapen Cuticle Oil by Mavala will leave a few drops of nutritive, moisturising and smoothing oil, rich in vitamins E and F, that will soften skin and gently loosen overgrown cuticles from the nail surface.
  • 4.5ml
  • The MAVALA Nail Buffer kit contains two pads. The gray pad has a slightly abrasive surface to even out ridges and other irregularities. The pink pad is for polishing.
  • A stimulating beauty treatment for your nails!
    • Erases ridges and surface irregularities.
    • Brings luster and natural pink glow to nails.
    • Reduce risk of snagging.
    • Prepares nails for a glossier long-lasting manicure.
    • Maintains nails in better condition and encourages them to grow longer and stronger.

Mavala Manicure Nail care sticks are the best!

  • Wrap the bevelled end of the stick with cotton wool to roll back cuticles and remove dead skin.
  • The other, arrow shaped, end is handy to remove nail polish smudges or clean under the free edge of nail.
  • Perfectly suited for manicure and pedicure, these are indicated for push cuticles back and forth to clean the sides of the nail. These chopsticks are indispensable to get the visual of the nail care.
  • 5pcs

Mavala Nail Polish Remover Pads!!!

Quick and easy to use, these handy nail polish remover pads will not dry out the nail surface or skin. Packed in a practical container of 30 pads.

How To Use:

Press saturated pad lightly over the nail to enable remover to penetrate the layers of polish and then wipe off in one stroke. Wash hands after use. (30 pcs)

(Note: A second application may be necessary if there are several coats or if the polish is dark.)

Thin, Weak, Fragile Nails?

The Mavala Nail Shield two step application is the solution!

  • The nail plate is composed of three layers. It is naturally the visible, outer layer that is particularly sensitive to outside elements and can very easily be damaged by too much sun, cold weather or detergents.
  • The unique formula of Nail Shield has been developed to give nails resistance, protecting them from daily tasks and other damaging elements.
  • The nail can then correctly regenerate and strengthen itself, its growth being protected from breaking, flaking and impacts.
  • 10ml (each)

Want the look of Gel Nails? Without the damage??

Mavala Gel Finish Top Coat is the solution!

  • In order to offer women a manicure that it is even more shiny and lasts even longer, MAVALA has created GEL FINISH TOP COAT, a revolutionary fixator that replicates the finish of a gel manicure without damaging the structure and health of the nail.
  • A perfect gel effect: its transparent gel texture creates a volumizing magnifying effect with an exceptional ultra glossy shine.
  • Day after day, nails are smooth and domed, colour is sealed and more shiny than ever.
  • A totally harmless formula, this new generation fixator respects the integrity of the natural nail, does not use a UV lamp and is removed with a classic nail polish remover.
  • 10ml

Want the French manicure look?  

Mavala Crayon whitens the tip on the go!

  • This crayon from MAVALA whitens the tips of your nails for a crisp, clean finish.
  • How to use: moisten the crayon and pass under the tip of your nails
  • Gives nails a natural clean outline.

Short on dry time?  On the Go? 

Mavala Oil Seal Dryer is your solution!

  • Mavala Oil Seal Dryer has the property of accelerating the drying time of your manicure.
  • Ideal for dry skin and cuticles, it is enriched with cotton oil, that softens and regenerates skin, and antioxidant vitamin E.
  • It forms a slightly gliding and non-sticky film, which instantly locks in colour and protects nail polish from fingerprints, sheet marks and light knocks.
  • 10ml

Nail polish chipping and peeling just 3 days after your manicure?

 #1 Best Seller –   Mavala 002 Base Coat is your solution!

  • Nail polishes contain coloured pigments that can cause yellowing.
  • Mavala 002 formula prevents pigments in nail polish from coming in direct contact with the nail plate and also protects it from outside elements.
  • It perfectly adheres to the nail plate and stays slightly sticky to allow nail polish to last almost twice as long.
  • 10ml