Mavala Lipstick – Powder Rose

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Quick Overview

Want Fuller, Lusher, Thicker looking lips?

Mavalia Lipstick is your solution!

Lips need special attention as they are more vunerable to climatic conditions: bad weather, wind, cold, sun and pollution.

Mavalia Lipstick And Sheer Lipstick contain botanical extracts of shea butter and aloe vera which are moisturising, film forming, smoothing, regenerating and protecting, and the antioxidant and free radical scavenger vitamin E.

The Mavalia Lipstick glides on easily while leaving a fine and uniform layer. Hour after hour, its satiny gloss remains outstanding, it stays on perfectly and its colour expresses itself with an incomparable fidelity. It provides an irresistible comfort to lips which stay soft and silky. The Mavalia Sheer Lipstick contains a new generation of tiny glitters which reflect the light so well that it provides a magnificent, delicate and shining effect.

How to use:

Apply one or the other with the bevelled side or with a lip brush. For a neat and precise lip contour, draw a fine line with Mavalia Lip Contour Crayon around the lips. For an even longer wear, apply a touch of Mavalia powder or foundation beforehand. Then apply a first layer of lipstick, blot lips on a tissue and apply again.



Since 1958, Mavala has introduced award winning first to market Nail care, Eye Care, Hand Care, Facial Care and Foot Care treatments in addition to top quality nail polish.

Mavala offers over 300 treatments and shades to choose from. Mavala is the Global leader in Nail care treatment solutions and research.


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