Mavala Mavalip – Shade Bermuda

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“Bermuda” MavaLip Lipstick – Because your lips only deserve the best!

Lips need special attention, because unlike the epidermis, they are deprived of protection against external irritations. Therefore lips are more exposed to climatic conditions: bad weather, wind, cold, sun, pollution, …MAVALA has created a protective epidermal hydrolipidic film, composed of lecithin and sterols, substances incorporated into all MAVALIP LIPSTICKS. Its regular application prevents lips from chapping and drying out.

The MAVALIP LIPSTICKS improve suppleness and help moisturize the lips. Mavalip lipsticks have an easy and uniform application, and it does not run.



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Since 1958, Mavala has introduced award winning first to market Nail care, Eye Care, Hand Care, Facial Care and Foot Care treatments in addition to top quality nail polish. Mavala offers over 300 treatments and shades to choose from. Mavala is the Global leader in Nail care treatment solutions and research.


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