Nailactan Tube (15ml)

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Want your Nails to grow faster?        Try our First to market original formula!

Mavala Nailactan is your solution!  #1 Best Seller

  • The nail plate is composed of three layers. It is naturally the visible outer layer that is particularly sensitive to outside elements and can very easily be dried out by too much sun, cold weather or detergents.
  • Nailactan is composed of essential amino acids, lipids and kerato-balancing vitamins.
  • Its nourishing and moisturising action restores elasticity to the nail plate, improves its general condition and makes nails more resistant to splitting.
  • 15ml


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Since 1958, Mavala has introduced award winning first to market Nail care, Eye Care, Hand Care, Facial Care and Foot Care treatments in addition to top quality nail polish. Mavala offers over 300 treatments and shades to choose from. Mavala is the Global leader in Nail care treatment solutions and research.

Natural Beauty Brands offers the best nail treatments online to help improve the quality and look of your nails. Our natural nail treatment options combine natural ingredients to help protect your fingers from pollution, food, nail biting, thumb sucking, chemicals and other impurities which wreak havoc on them. Take a moment to look through our site and browse hundreds of high-quality products for natural nail treatment including:

  • Mavala Stop: The nail polish to stop nail biting is one of our most popular items. It uses a simple solution to leave a clear coat on your fingers. When you suck your thumb or bite your nails it will leave a bitter but harmless taste in your mouth, helping you to break the habit.
  • Polish & Remover: Being healthy doesn’t mean you cannot be pretty. We offer a wide variety of elegant polish options and our remover solution works great and is safe to use.
  • Nail Hardener: This featured item works great because it prevents cracking, chipping and brittleness. By hardening the plate it allows normal, healthy growth to resume.
  • Barrier-Base Coat: If you suffer from dehydrated and splitting nails then the base coat is perfect. The protective film maintains the plates throughout the day to prevent more damage from occurring.

What makes these the best nail treatments online is the ingredients used in the products. Mavala Switzerland provides the best natural nail treatment options because of the quality of the ingredients. Rather than using chemicals which either leave a residue or cause long-term issues, our products encourage growth and health to resume naturally without chemical dependency. Take a look at our site and see which treatment options are going to be the best for you and learn more about our products.

1 review for Nailactan Tube (15ml)

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